My Top 5 Homeschool Resources

Top 5 Home School Resources for Beginners-

This post contains affiliate links for your convenience. 

Before doing days and days worth of research, I was LOST…really really LOST! I have friends that Homeschool, but anything that we talked about just went right over my head. 

Living in Texas makes things a bit easier, because we don’t have to report anything to the State or keep records. I know, I know.. the perfectionist in me is like “WHAT?!? No records!! You are crazy!!” Even though it is not a requirement, I will still keep some sort of records for myself. 

Zoo Day at the Carousel
The first thing I started doing when it started to become evident that my son was ready for homeschooling was, research. 

My Top 5 Home School Reaources are:

HSLDA – Home School Legal Defense Association

  • They provide legal assistance and advice to Homeschooling families. They will correspond with government officials on your behalf, who are not familiar with your right to Homeschool or are outright challenging your right to Homeschool. 
  • The website has your state requirements for Homeschooling.

THSC – Texas Home School Coalition

  • They also have the Texas state requirements for Homeschooling. 
  • There are sections within the website to search for events. 
  • Bring homeschoolers together. 
  • Their mission is to serve and inform the home school community and promote home education in Texas. 

HOMEEDSA.COM – specific to San Antonio

  • It has a comprehensive listing of homeschooling resources in the San Antonio area including home school events, support groups, curriculum and co-ops.

SAN ANTONIO HOMESCHOOLERS Facebook Page – specific to San Antonio

  • I have followed this Facebook group for a long time and it never disappoints. If I ever have a question about anything at all I post it there and get tons of feedback and support. 

Easy Peasy All in One Home School – Free Online Curriculum

  • After months and months of researching and researching… I decided to use Easy Peasy All in One Homeschool. 
  • The main reason I chose this curriculum is the support that I’ve seen provided to other homeschoolers via their Facebook support groups. Holly Dunn – one of the administrators, answers questions with lightning speed and fixes glitches or provides work arounds — same day!! You can’t ask for better support. 
  • Plus… my son adores this. I trialed it for about 1 week and he kept asking me when we were going to “do school” again. He wasn’t quite ready at 3 years to do some of the work, so I just used some LeapFrog Books and “did school”. Here a a few of my favs… 

Such a Beautiful Sight!!
Alphabet Adventures and Shapes and Colors

Read and Write / Pre-K STEM

If you are bundle kind of person, like me… they have:

LeapFrog Learning System Bundle – includes 

-The Learning System, Shapes and Colors, Alphabet Adventures, Daily Routines, and Scout and Friends Math. 

Some more of our collection! Can you tell that we love LeapFrog?!
  • We will start with the Easy Peasy curriculum after we get back from our family vacation in September! A’s first cruise! But until then LeapFrog it is!!

Extra Resource:

Schertz Library/San Antonio Library

  • I’m on the northeast side of town, so Schertz Library is just down the street. I have heard amazing things about the San Antonio Public Library and am making a trip there this weekend to see what it has to offer. 

I hope that this will make your decision and journey to Home School a bit easier. These resources are what made me realize it was possible for me to work full time and Homeschool!!

What?! You don’t play in a sand box at 11pm? Haha!

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