Learning to Read – Preschool

Teaching a child to read is at the foundation of learning. Once a child can read, they can do anything! Whether you start with phonics or sight words; the end result will be amazing!

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You will be amazed and in awe of your child as they progress. 

The past few weeks I have slowly started to introduce the Preschool Prep Collection to my boy and he has really taken to the Phonics DVD. I can randomly ask him throughout the day, "what sound does D make?" To my surprise, he knows! I'm loving watching him progress and flourish. 

Take a look at this collection here: 

Preschool Prep Collection 10 DVD set 

You start even before your child can distinguish shapes and colors. They have a DVD for that.

The DVD gets gradually more advanced as you go. There are cute graphics and animations and your child learns through repetition. While it may sound "annoying" to you… it is intriguing to a child. I also play the DVDs in the background during playtime and my son seems to always pick up something new. LOVE IT!

As a new homeschool mom, I was petrified that I would not be able to teach my son to read. After some thought… I have realized that, I am not the one "teaching" he is LEARNING just by being exposed to it. So, if you are on the fence on whether or not you can "teach" your child… Know that you absolutely CAN! 

Kids learn so rapidly at this age, just from their surroundings and environment. I have to keep reminding myself that the way that I react to things that happen is the way he will react. If I yell and scream and get frustrated at something that is difficult… he will too.

The best part about homeschooling this age group?? The freedom to take a break if needed.

If your child is getting frustrated at letter sounds/phonics… Take a break and review something that you know that they know… like colors, shapes etc. Building up their confidence by showing them that they do know things is very important. Sometimes my little one will tell me the wrong answer on purpose, that is when I know it's time to back off some. 

Homeschooling is the most rewarding thing I have ever done. Being able to see the world through my son's eyes is such a blessing! You will love it too!

I hope that this helps motivate you to make the leap to homeschool your child(ren) if that is your desire!

Below are pictures of each DVD in the Preschool Prep Collection.

My next post will be Texas Homeschooling 101: Everything that you need to know to Homeschool in Texas. See you then!!


2 responses to “Learning to Read – Preschool”

  1. Great information! I was looking for something similar for my babies and this looks perfect! Keep it up hun, your are amazing! Xoxo


    1. Gosh – where has the time gone?!? Did you look into Easy Peasy? I wonder what you think of it. Hope you are doing well girlie!! ❤️❤️


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