Beauty of Homeschooling

Welp… All ready to “officially” start homeschooling my little boy and BOOM!! Sick! Well, looks like the start date is pushed back until we feel better.

Gosh, I love this part of Homeschooling… if your sick, take a day off.

At my son’s age (almost 4), School is mainly (guided) play time. Little ones are not made to sit still and write in a notebook. They learn by exploring and learning their environment.

Things we do daily that are “technically” school:

  • Cook together (measurements, life skills, and fine motor skills)

  • Play outside (counting, colors, gross motor skills)

  • Play with toys inside (you’ll be amazed when your kiddo tells you “the crane’s boom is elevated Momma” ummm… where is the world did you learn that? or use the word acceleration correctly. You will be in awe of what your child will pick up passively, just through observing you and those around him/her.

  • Read aloud (3 books per day)

  • Watch TV – I know I know… you may be thinking SCREEN TIME?!?! Are you crazy?! Let me clarify.. yes my son watches cartoons, but only after he has watched his Preschool Prep DVDs.

Homeschooling a little one is easy, just try to incorporate new words or concepts everyday. Don’t push it, just casually mention a new word or concept during regular play time. Before you know it, your kiddo knows that bat, rat, cat, and mat all rhyme!

Some choose to use an official curriculum everyday and we will use one as well, but very loosely. I want him to feel the freedom of choosing what he would like to learn more about and go from there.

We will use Easy Peasy All in One Homeschool. It is an online based curriculum. Amazing support via their online Facebook groups. I have looked through the curriculum and it looks like each day we will spend about 30 minutes (average) on the curriculum. This gives us the freedom to supplement with other things like his DVDS & ABC mouse.

I am just loving the beauty of Homeschooling. I am allowed the privilege to watch my child grow and learn everyday. I cherish and treasure this gift everyday and I hope you have this opportunity as well!


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