Homeschool during Vacation?!?

Okay, so I’m not crazy… I promise! We recently went on my little one’s first cruise and I incorporated some homeschool activities while we are on the ship.

First things first… hygiene!

This little boy will be well versed on this topic before we are done. I am a nurse, not just any nurse, a Neonatal Intensive Care nurse. Needless to say, I am very conscious of infection prevention measures. I taught him all about how sickness is spread and how it can be prevented. When you are stuck on a ship with thousands of people, it is so very important to practice impeccable hand hygiene.

Secondly… good citizenship!

We were be on a ship with thousands of people who come from all walks of life. Many different cultures and values will be represented within the staff and vacationers. I taught him all about about the different cultures and let him know that it is okay to respectfully ask questions about something that you do not understand.

Thirdly… manners!

Dinner in the dining room every night will be the setting for this topic. He has learned mainly by observation that saying please, thank you and excuse me are important and good manners. He was able to practice these skills every night on our vacation.

Learning does not have to be math, reading, science, handwriting, and spelling all the time. Life skills are just as important.

I have seen many children who have “made it through” school and cannot begin to understand how to function in “real life.” Teaching skills like how to effectively communicate your opinions, ideas, and thoughts is imperative to our children’s success in life.


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