Unexpected Fun

I was tired of seeing my boy do the same things everyday.

  • Play with toys inside.
  • Watch his Ipad

I decided to load up his motorized Jeep and a bunch of his big toy trucks and head out to the parking lot across the road from us.

We raced our trucks, and accordingly to little man, daddy always “cheated”. It was super cute to watch his eyes light up doing something new. He drove his Jeep and was telling us how he was practicing for when his cousin comes over this weekend. His cousin is 2 and little man is so excited to “teach him how to sleep all day”. I really don’t know where he gets this stuff lol!!

We spotted a cement ditch across the road and decided to head over there and see what we could find.

We rolled the trucks into the ditch and crashed them into each other; we also made them do flips and spins. We rolled them over dirt and looked at the different tire marks.

After that, we went over to the park and ran around. We spent about 2.5 hours just exploring and experimenting and just loving life before the monstrous sized mosquitos came out to ruin the party! I’m telling you, there is nothing compared to a Texas Sized Mosquito!

This post is just to show you that you can find fun in unexpected places. Kids enjoy simple, free, unexpected play. Now go! Surprise your kids with a random trip to the park or give into something that they have been asking to do for so long. Sit back and watch the pure joy unfold.


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