Is my child ready for Homeschool?

So… it has been a while since I posted anything. Some major life events took place over the course of the past several months and I could not break free long enough to write. My hubby graduated from Radiology Technician school and is now officially EMPLOYED!! Awesome! 2 years on a single income was, well let’s just say interesting. Haha! Well, the dust has settled and now I’m am able to focus on writing again.

Let’s talk about homeschooling. Over the past several months I have attempted to start “officially” homeschooling my 4 year old, but he was clearly not ready. I could not keep his focus for more than a few seconds before he would be interested in something totally different. I came to the conclusion that while I was ready to start homeschooling… he was not.

Which is okay! Never feel like you have to push your child into school. They will eventually come around and – dare I say – WANT to “do school.”

I knew he was ready when…

  1. He asked me when we were going to start school.
  2. He agreed to give me his attention long enough to finish a lesson.
  3. He seemed very interested in what we were going to learn about.

Yesterday was our first “official” day of homeschool. I keep saying official in quotes, because I honestly feel as though education is all around us and your children are learning through experiences and opportunities every day. With that said, our first day was pretty great!

We are using the FREE Easy Peasy All in One Homeschool – Getting Ready 1 curriculum. It is internet-based, but also has the capability to be totally offline. We chose the online version, because my little one thrives with technology. I love this curriculum, because it is the perfect mix of technology and paper.

The curriculum starts very slowly and ramps up after learning letters and sounds. They have tons of arts and crafts that are optional, but super fun! My little one has enjoyed what we’ve done so far. Most of what we are doing is review, because he knows his letters and numbers. I feel that reviewing is imperative to help with retention.

My Play-Doh dinner – courtesy of my boy!

My main goal for posting this is to ensure that if you are a parent that is feeling discouraged that their child is not interested in school; that you take a step back and realize that it is not a race. Your child will come around when they are ready. You want to nurture their desire to learn – not force them into it. I hope that this helps you if you are in this situation.


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